ORCOM C&A support the business growth strategies of French companies in CHINA

At every step of your project, ORCOM C&A can advise you on how to secure the set-up process and develop your business in china. ORCOM C&A has been operating in China for over 20 years.

Your stakes: targeting high-potential markets

Do you make internationalization a major stake in your development?

Are you looking for an experienced Japanese partner? ORCOM C&A teams are experts in accounting, tax and legal support for international companies operating and developing in mainland China and Hong Kong.
For a French company, the country presents constraints that must be understood and learned to manage: administrative and procedural particularities to be respected, limited and regulated borrowing that requires anticipation of cash flow needs, intellectual property law to be understood in order to protect brands, a context of strong digitalization to be integrated into local marketing…

Setting up a business in China therefore requires careful upstream preparation and analysis of numerous parameters to choose the best way to set up: joining forces with a local partner or within a joint venture in Hong Kong, etc.… If China is still considered as the cornerstone of international business development, the level of risk tends to increase (increase in the cost of labor, turnover of skills, complexity of managing large-scale operations, increased regulatory controls in China …) .

ORCOM C&A Advisors, on the Chinese territory for more than 20 years

ORCOM continued its development in November 2017 with the acquisition of C&A Advisors, a firm specializing in assisting international companies operating and expanding in China and Hong Kong (tax, accounting law and structured transactions). Established in China for over 20 years, ORCOM C&A Advisors has an office in Hong Kong and three offices in China, in Shanghai (main site), Beijing and Guangzhou.