ORCOM-H3P UK support the business growth strategies of French companies in ENGLAND 

At every step of your project, orcom-h3p uk can advise you on how to secure the set-up process and develop your business in London.

Your stakes: targeting high-potential markets

Do you intend to make internationalisation a major part of your business development? are you looking for a partner with experience in helping businesses to set up in London ? open to exchange, with all the benefits of a highly flexible labour market, London is a very interesting market for investment.

A London installation requires a great deal of advance preparation and a complete analysis of various factors which will allow you to select the best way to go about it: open a subsidiary, go into business with a local partner, as part of a joint-venture or by acquiring an English company

Integrate a London presence with ORCOM-H3P UK

The London office is composed of 8 bilingual international and French consultants and is specialized in advising and assisting French economic actors, both companies (SMEs) and investment funds, wishing to organize their international strategies by integrating a London presence.

The knowledge of the tax and accounting particularities of the United Kingdom makes ORCOM-H3P UK an essential partner for your development across the Channel, and particularly dynamic, but complex, in the post-Brexit commercial relations.

  • 170 clients
  • 8 bilingual international and French consultants
  • 2 partners