30 Oct 2021

US borders to officially reopen on 8 November 2021

The white house announced on Friday 15 October that would be allow fully vaccinated international travellers against Covid-19 to travel to the US from 8 November 2021, lifting the ban on visitors from the EU, UK and other countries.

The White House had announced last month that it planned to lift travel restrictions, which barred most non-US citizens who had recently travelled to Europe, Brazil, South Africa and elsewhere, in early November.

The rules were first established by the Trump administration at the start of the pandemic to slow the spread of Covid-19, and expanded by the new Biden administration. The Biden administration had said that visitors would have to be fully vaccinated against Covid to enter the US.

While this news is welcome news for the tourism industry, it is also a relief for expatriates on certain visas, who have been prevented from travelling since March 2020.

It will also enable the resumption of business travel, which has been stalled since the start of the pandemic