ORCOM supports business location internationally

Successfully setting up and developing your company internationally requires understanding the challenges of a global environment that’s constantly in motion, integrating local regulations and demonstrating a high level of responsiveness. As a standard-setter in chartered accounting, auditing and consultancy, ORCOM secures your international expansion projects by offering a multi-expertise environment.

The stakes of internationalization

Is international expansion a key challenge in your business development?

Are you focused on mature, high-potential markets? Are you struggling with the overseas environment and the complex processes involved in setting up abroad? Are you looking for an experienced partner already established in your target country? This success will ultimately depend on three factors: 

  • VISION – An optimised global strategy that’s both agile and secure.
  • TECHNICAL ASPECTS – Ability to work across local and international laws and regulations, as well as fluent command of software specific to international businesses.
  • PARTNERSHIP – Being able to build relationships, in order to anticipate difficult situations and manage complex choices for the best possible outcome.

ORCOM international hub helping you conquer new territories with our integrated services

In the fields of chartered accounting and Management consultancy, ORCOM has pursued a unique pathway to growth, preferring to absorb affiliates rather than form partnerships.

This integration strategy meets the needs of PMEs and intermediate-sized companies whose expansion plans mean they require the same level of commitment and quality of advice as larger groups.

Our division is composed of 170 multilingual professionals base in Paris, the United States, China and England.

Our dedicated division is a market leader in its field, and has implemented an agile organisational model in order to make your international development a success. Associates active in each country, multi-lingual and multi-skilled teams, and centralised project orientation guaranteeing the quality of an integrated service, consistent oversight and the same level of responsiveness as in any of our facilities.

Thorough analysis by our specialists enables you to simultaneously anticipate difficult situations and to optimally manage complex decisions. ORCOM has the experience, skills and knowledge of networks to advise you through each step of your expansion project.

ORCOM’s strength reside in the fact that it has already taken up the challenge of the international for its own development. The advice we provide is therefore the fruit of both our personal experience and our analysis as a consultant. With a “Glocal” vision (think global, act local).

  • Integrated services
  • Multi-national support
  • Department made up of a team of dedicated associates
  • Centralised project steering
  • Multi-lingual and multi-skilled teams