People’s Mobility

People’s Mobility

International RH

Support your staff to secure their international development.

Businesses have changed significantly over the last 25 years; “staff administration” has become “human resource management” thus placing the human at the centre of management.

And in a constantly changing global context, businesses that operate on an international scale must be able to secure their management and support their staff.

In the light of this, we have identified three key factors to success :

  • Support human resource needs to secure the business’ “skill capital” and facilitate staff performance;
  • Strengthen the employer image, pour attract and motivate talent which will then be able to anticipate a solid vision of the future;
  • Manage change through anticipation to vanquish the inevitable reluctance, maintain levels of motivation and ensure that staff become an active part of business growth.




» Training : pre-packaged or personalised training programs covering a wide range of themes (from legal communication to sales performance).

» Coaching & Consulting: personalised long-term support to improve individual and team performance (field training, sales performance coaching, management consulting).

» Mobility : partner mobility, outplacement, internal mobility with functional and/or geographical plan.

» Transition : skills assessment, VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience) support, professional assessment, Senior employee evaluation.

» Restructuring : professional relocation, management support, project management assistance, staff delegations coordination.

» Targeted : by direct approach (high potential), mixed (middle management) or collective session (sales related profiles).

» Assessment center : simulation method for recruitment providing an overall vision of the candidate or employee capacities.

» Internal assessment : annual interviews, talent identification, validation of profiles in the context of an international project.

  • Multilingual teams.
  • Regular technical updates.
  • Recognised expertise and market-leader profile.
  • International relay points to provide additional support.