ORCOM-US support the business growth strategies of French companies in North America

At every step of your project, orcom kvb can advise you on how to secure the set-up process and develop your business in north america

Your stakes: targeting high-potential markets

Do you intend to make internationalisation a major part of your business development? Are you looking for a partner with experience in helping businesses to set up in north america ? The United States is the land of free enterprise, open to exchange, with all the benefits of a highly flexible labour market – making it a very interesting market for investment.

For French businesses, it is a country with a lot of constraints which one must know how to deal with in advance: administrative complexity caused by the tiered federal and state administrations, regulations, healthcare costs and high legal risks, etc.

Setting up business on the other side of the Atlantic requires a great deal of advance preparation and a complete analysis of various factors which will allow you to select the best way to go about it: open a subsidiary, go into business with a local partner, as part of a joint-venture or by acquiring an American company …

ORCOM-US, on the North American territory for over 20 years

In 2017, ORCOM acquired KVB Partners, a consulting firm specializing in assisting French and European companies (tax, accounting law and structured transactions) that has been operating in the United States and Canada for 20 years. With offices in New York, San Francisco and Boston, it has a team of 45 Franco-American consultants: tax advisors*, accounting consultants as well as French CPAs.

ORCOM US complete knowledge of International accounting standards and taxation agreements means that they will become an essential part of your business development in North America.

  • 1000 clients
  • 45 French-American consultants tax advisors, French accounting consultants and chartered accountants
  • 2 partners
  • 3 US agencies: : New-York, Boston et San Francisco